20101#, 45 non smoker, partner + dog, Plenty of experience in all things cropping as well as sheep. Sprayer, Header, Seeder, Hay, great mechanical skills, Grew up on a farm. Looking for another Snr role on farm within 2 hours of Perth, paying around $90k, plus 3 bedroom house.

22360#, 19, non smoker, manual car licence with own transport. Looking for a livestock role and happy to look at any location. Available mid June after seeding. Has grown up on a large cropping property in the Midwest. Comes from a great family. Has completed two harvests as a chaser bin driver with 30T chaser bin chasing for three headers. This will be her second seeding season pulling a 60ft bar. Has also completed two seasons deep ripping. She is now looking for a full time role where she can learn more on the livestock side of farming. Happy to work with cattle and/or sheep. She does not have any experience in this area but is extremely eager to learn. Coverletter reads: I am 19 years old, Australian, non-smoker, manual car licence, with own transport. I have grown up on a family grain farm in the Midwest. I have completed two harvests driving a 9682 new holland versatile tractor and chaser bin, have done part of a seeding driving a 620 delta track versatile with a 60ft bar. Have also completed two seasons driving a 620 delta track versatile with a 20ft and also a 40ft deep ripper and have also done some kelly chain work. I am used to working long hours and am comfortable with large machinery. I am able to grease and help maintain machines and I would like to extend my mechanical abilities. I am interested to try some stock work, however I don't have any experience in this area, I am eager to learn though. Happy to do tractor work, stock work, or both. I am available to start work in the middle of June after I have finished seeding on the family farm.

25082#, 30 year old, Australian, Smoker, HR licence, Travelling solo, GPS experience, Mechanical Aptitude- performed maintenance on Air seeder bar + welding, JD tractors, JD sprayers, road trains, trucks, light vehicles, other machinery Machinery operation experience – Air Seeder 6 weeks 2018, Truck driving; done plenty of fencing, Livestock experience, particularly cattle; Looking for Mixed farm in the Geraldton/Mingenew region or within 4 hours of Perth area, $27-$28 per hr, with accommodation included.

25044#, 23 years old West Australian Boiler Maker, with farming experience, predominantly cattle, with some Machinery Operation (350 HP 4WD Massey Ferguson 4800. Operated a 90 HP Chamberlain Tractor, Also FEL) Has been in the same fabrication workshop for 7 years since leaving school, working his way up from apprentice to Foreman! Looking for work within 4 hours drive of Dowerin/Wyalkatchem where they have family. Seeking a Farmhand role to learn and grow into, $25 per hour minimum. Has partner and young child, so looking for a role to accommodate them also. Thinking long term. Reference stated “Fast learner, felt confident to leave him alone, good with mechanical basics but has an aptitude to learn more in this area if given the chance”, “His strengths are he’s an adaptable sort of bloke, conscientious, nice guy, easy to get along with, initiative- will always find something to do. Good communication skills” Regarding safety: “He has an awareness that you rarely see in people who haven’t spent a lot of time on farm.”

22545#, 64 year old Australian Non Smoker, Fit and Healthy, Married, MC licence, GPS/Autosteer experience, Very mechanically minded, Truck driving, side and end tipper, JD9400T on tracks (Speed tilling canola & Liquid Fertiliser Spreading & Seeder with Seed Hawk) CAT Loader 972G, Komatsu WA420; 1 small dog. Looking for Farmhand or Truck driving role within 3-4 hours drive of Picton/Sydney in NSW. $28-30 per hour.

24962#, 53 years old, Non Smoker, Boiler Maker, HC licence, Fit and Healthy, Married, kids have left home, Grew up on a farm and looking for General Farmhand work, preferably with a heavy cropping focus. GPS Autosteer experience and has worked as a Header operator and also many years as a truck driver. Good Mechanical Aptitude. Currently lives in Narra Tarra near Geraldton and looking for work within 70kms of his home (ie. Northampton, Walkaway, Geraldton & surrounds) so he can return home in quiet periods. He is happy to stay on farm (sharing) during busy periods. Minimal livestock experience. Looking for $27+ per hour as a minimum.

12649#, 30 year old, Non Smoker, Looking for a Snr Farmhand role in South Australia, within 2.5hrs of Adelaide. Strong cropping experience, Hay, Seeder, Header, Sprayer (tow behind and self propelled) Limited Livestock experience (some sheep) Wife and small family. Looking for a thriving town with good schooling options and potential job prospects for his partner. Fantastic references. Seeking $80k plus house and vehicle.

25344#, 45 year old Victorian, looking for a Farm Manager role within 1.5hrs of Shepparton Victoria. Very strong Mechanically, plenty of spraying experience, header operation, happy working with Sheep and cattle, experience working on irrigators too. Seeking $27-30 per hour, ideally on a mixed farm, as loves variety and happy will consider 100% cropping too.

25994#, 30 year old Non Smoker (Social), ex farmer (VIC) with 2 seeding seasons + 1 Harvest season experience in WA. Plumber by trade. Can operate Header, Chaser, Sprayer and Seeder, plenty of sheep experience. Mechanically minded. Looking for a Farmhand role within 3 hrs of Perth on a Mixed farm, $28-$30 per hour. Available now!