19548#, 55, non smoker, fully vaccinated. Looking to relocate to the Albany region. Extensive cattle and sheep experience and looking for a cattle property that requires a senior farmhand/stockman. Managed large cattle properties both commercial and stud. Experience in pastoral, backgrounding and feedlot operations. Happy to operate machinery as and when required but his focus needs to be working with livestock. Great references that verify his reliability, depth of knowledge and stockmanship abilities.

36967#, 21, social smoker, looking for work in VIC. Experience is mostly with pig farming and is seeking an opportunity to develop and broaden new skills in cropping. Most of his working experience has been as a General Farm Hand and has recently moved into a management role. He has been around farms from a young age and is confident on tractors and operating machinery. His referees vouch he is hard working, very loyal, a very good and safe operator, mechanically minded. "You won't get a better worker".

33016#, 30, non smoker, HC licence. Currently located in the Eastern States but looking to relocate in WA with wife and young child. Originally from South Africa where he grew up on the family farm. In recent years has been working on mixed cropping and sheep properties. Experienced in spraying, baling and harvesting as well and cattle and sheep. Mechanically minded. Looking for a Senior role on a property close to a large regional town for school and work for partner. Salary $95 neg with accommodation and work ute.

12060#, 62 year old male, married. HR license. An extensive 40 years’ experience with both cattle and sheep (but his main interest is cattle, particularly the beef industry). Having been a Livestock Manager for near on 25 years, he has great knowledge of feedlots and stud farming. Has done 15+ years’ harvest, operating the header. Other machinery experience being most tractors, swathers, ploughs, rock pickers plus many more. Average mechanical aptitude and welding skills. Would be perfect if there was any work for his wife, but not a deal-breaker. Looking for anywhere between Geraldton and Bremer Bay, and happy to consider above $80k plus super, accommodation and work ute.

37428#, 22, Irish, non smoker. Looking for sponsorship when he relocates to WA. Looking for a senior farming role in either dairy or beef ( preference is dairy). Happy to look at any location. Will be available from July/August. Has been working in agriculture his entire life. Currently works and manages the day to day on three farms ( two dairy and one beef) Graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Systems & Technology. Has been operating machinery including cultivation, hay and silage making and muck handling. GPS/Autosteer experience. Would suit a regressive livestock farmer that is willing to sponsor and looking for someone to step up into a management role.

36311#, 21, female, non-smoker. Seeking Junior Farm Hand work in the Albany/Esperance area. Has Cert in Agriculture and experience with Sheep, Cattle and Horses. Also has some general farm hand type experience as well as wool handling and milking. Available now.

37340#, 44, South African. Looking for sponsorship and available mid/late 2022.  A very strong candidate currently in South Africa. He is a crop and dairy farmer that owns and runs a very successful 680 acre farm for the past 23 years. The farm will be sold this year and plans to relocate to WA with his family. He will be looking for ideally a mixed property (cattle and cropping) and would suit a 2IC type role. Close to Perth or Kimberley region would be ideal. Highly experienced in growing pastures, maize, cabbages and potatoes as well as animal husbandry. Has a heavy duty truck licence and also worked on a harvest crew in the USA. Highly competent in farm machinery operation and maintenance. 

37617#, 47, smoker, MC. Based in the Mid West with partner and young family. Looking for full time farmhand role anywhere in the Mid West. Available now. Grew up on a large mixed property and spent 20 years working on the family farm across the livestock and cropping side. Huge amount of sheep knowledge and operated headers, trucks, seeders and some spraying experience. Plenty of truck driving experience and has worked for haulage companies. Strong farming background. Excellent references that state he has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and a hard worker and would definitely re employ.

37483#, 30, non smoker from UK. Looking to relocate to Australia permanently by the end of 2022 with partner who is a teacher. Flexible and open minded to new things. Mixed farming preferably but would be happy with 100% cropping or 100% livestock. Rather a smaller farm preferably. Looking for a bit of a family farm, does not really like corporate wants to have good relationships with people and not be a number. Needs to be close to a town for teaching opportunities for partner. Has been farmer/owner for the past 4 years and before that was a agricultural lecturer specialising in Livestock production. He has been solely responsible for the total management of the 250 acre farm from making hay, spraying, cultivation, drilling, buying and selling of all products, animal husbandry, record keeping. This chap is the real deal very knowledgeable. If you are willing and able to sponsor then he would be worth talking too.

33732#, 52, non smoker, Looking for Farm Management role either in WA or Eastern States. Available soon. Background in managing own farms both cropping and livestock and corporate mixed properties. Experienced in all aspects with a a proven background in large scale broadacre crop production and livestock. Would suit corporate or large scale enterprise.

37491#, 30, non smoker. Currently employed in forestry. Been doing farming her whole life and that is her passion. Desperately wants to go back to farming and wants to do that for the rest of her life. Lots of experience predominantly with livestock, not cropping. Lots of work with cows and sheep and this is the area of interest. Pretty flexible on farm size and who owns the farm (can be corporate, family ect). If there s accommodation she will travel anywhere in SA and maybe even Eastern states. Not interested in WA. Got two horses, four dogs to consider. Excellent references.

16592#, 29, Aussie male, non-smoker, vaccinated, available Early July. Qualified Mechanic, HR Licence, with limited experience operating tractors, however has very keen interest in farming. Looking for a Farm Hand role on a mixed stock/broadacre property. Has completed seeding course, and looking in to further study to enhance agriculture knowledge. He is looking for a role within 2 hours of Ellenbrook WA, with accommodation, and chance to learn as much as possible. Would suit a short term role, with view to permanency.

37560#, 36, non smoker, HR licence. married with a young family. Looking for General/Senior Farm hand role closer to Perth. He really enjoys his current role but needs to make the move to be closer to Perth for schooling. His passion is mixed farming with opportunity for career progression into livestock overseer. Has enjoyed driving all types of machines and semis in his current role and will continue to enjoy in his new role. He really enjoys progressive agriculture.Considerable experience with livestock in all aspects, especially with sheep (but also cattle) for over 17 years collectively. Excellent reference from current employer that state Lots of skills, he is really quite intelligent. His ultimately job in our opinion would be a mixed farming role as he likes to do a bit of everything, and is competent at doing everything.

35620#, 38, non smoker, married with young family. Based in QLD and looking for Assistant Management role in QLD only. Has 10+ years in Assistant Management roles, Operated SP sprayer, harvesters, cotton pickers, seeders and earth moving equipment. Has experience with pivot irrigation. 5 years experience running a contract crew carrying out spraying, seeding and dozer work. Excellent references

24199#, 28 year old male, single, non smoker. Looking for full-time General Farm Hand Role around the Albany region. Available to start now. Multiple years experience in shearing and livestock work as well as some experience in cropping and machinery operation, looking to extend experience with cropping as well as utilitising his well-developed livestock skills. References highlight that he is a strong and committed worker with diverse skills across farming and mechanical aptitude. HR licence with 2+ years truck driving experience.

37659#, 38, non smoker, from NZ with family. Looking to come to Australia and the next adventure and step in his farming career. Ideally would suit a senior role working with livestock both beef and sheep. Prefers cattle over sheep, would like a mix of both, but wouldn't want 100% sheep. . Also happy to assist with cropping during busy periods. Has over 15 years experience with beef and sheep in NZ and held management positions. Excellent management style. Has his own working dogs. Location anywhere in southern Australia (WA,SA,VIC,NSW). Has a can do attitude and attention to detail.

23773#, 25, non smoker. based in the GT Southern. Relocating to partners work and looking for full time or part time work within the ag industry in the Williams/Wandering area. Grew up on a mixed property and has a strong background in Ag merchandising. Already has accomodation. Ideally would suit part time/school hours being that they have a young family. Experience working with sheep and cattle and operated all types of machinery (seeding, harvesting and fert spreading). Has a Ag degree and is a real go getter and very open to exploring all options.

37669#, SPONSORSHIP, SPONSORSHIP SPONSORSHIP. 34, non smoker from UK. Arriving September on a Working Holiday Visa and interested in talking to our clients that are willing to offer sponsorship. Happy to look at all locations at this stage. Has worked in WA so knows what WA can offer. Looking for a Senior Farmhand type role and loves the challenge and thrives on pressure. Can keep a level head and has the ability to problem solve. Very strong cropping background with 10 years experience spraying, harvesting, baling and seeding in the UK. Also has his HGV truck licence and plenty of truck driving experience. Operated CLAAS, John Deere, Fendt and Rogators. Please note will only consider those that are willing and able to offer sponsorship.

36874#, 18, non smoker. Looking for a junior farm hand role in the York/Northam region. Prefer livestock over cropping. She is really looking to start her agricultural career and happy to consider any role. Has been brought up on a hobby farm and grown up around animals including horses. Some dairy experience also. Minimal experience but would suit someone willing to train her as she has the basics. Excellent references that talk about her attentiveness, being autonomous and how she is prepared to put hours in. She can work hard and she does really like the farming side of things. Available now.