35067#, 50 year old married male. He has worked in the livestock industry for 40 years, and has extensive animal husbandry knowledge, particularly with cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. This includes strong knowledge of disease recognition and treatments. His most recent 3 years has been in paddock management and backgrounding work, previously working as Head Stockman for 18 years, and stockman before that. Very confident working with cattle, but is more than happy to also learn in new areas to grow his skills. Looking to be no more than 2 hours from Pemberton, Currently on $95k, plus accommodation, utilities and a work vehicle. Willing to negotiate for the right role. References talk of his great personality, instinct, work ethic and strength.

15974#, 39 year old married male with a wife and two sons. He is a South African, and currently living in Sudan on a contract as an Agricultural Specialist, making a quick succession to Managing Director role, The company is a venture capital firm, owning around 500 000 acres in total, although some of it is privately owned. He is currently developing a vegetable farm for them, as well as doing livestock fattening with cattle, developing a peanut and sorghum farm, and spending 60% of his time on the farm training people up. Before this he ran a feed mill at a broiler company, also making feed to a lesser extent for cattle and sheep and pigs. He grew an interest in farming from an early age, spending school holidays and weekends on the farms of family friends. Their farms were cotton, wheat and citrus farms. HC equivalent license, 6 years seeding, harvest and spraying (with modern equipment), as they currently use very old machinery. All cattle husbandry including buying and selling. Looking for a position where he can grow his skills further. Not salary driven, as long as he can look after his family. Flexible with regards to location. WILL NEED SPONSORSHIP.

12060#, 62 year old male, married. HR license. An extensive 40 years’ experience with both cattle and sheep (but his main interest is cattle, particularly the beef industry). Having been a Livestock Manager for near on 25 years, he has great knowledge of feedlots and stud farming. Has done 15+ years’ harvest, operating the header. Other machinery experience being most tractors, swathers, ploughs, rock pickers plus many more. Average mechanical aptitude and welding skills. Would be perfect if there was any work for his wife, but not a deal-breaker. Looking for anywhere between Geraldton and Bremer Bay, and happy to consider above $80k plus super, accommodation and work ute.