16064#, 31 years old, MC licence with experience, 11 years spraying experience and holds chem cert. He has grown up farming and this is his passion. Looking to move closer to Perth (1 hour away would be perfect) with his partner and two school aged children, and a town where there may be employment opportunities for his partner would be an appealing option. He would like to work on 100% cropping enterprise in an overseer/2IC management role, which is supported by his past experience. He has good mechanical/diagnostics ability. Previously worked in sales and product support for a farming machinery company so is good with diagnostics, can set up machinery, and can programme and troubleshoot GPS units with ease. Happy to drive road trains if and when required.

34003#, Late 20's, Master of Sciences Degree in Agriculture and a Bachelor of Agriculture Technology from Curtin University. Experience in seeding, harvest and livestock (mainly cattle). Grew up on a Dairy and cropping farm. References confirming strengths as honesty, hard working, good communication, and never shying away from a job. He gets on with everyone in a team and has a real passion for agriculture. Looking for an opportunity to grow his skills. Single, fit and healthy.

26770#, 49 year old single female. HC truck license. Solid seeding, harvest and spraying experience along with one year working with sheep. Basic mechanical aptitude. Looking for a general farm hand job geared more towards cropping and machinery operation, no more than 2.5 hours from Mukinbudin. References talk of her competence and passion for broadacre farming and strong operating skills. Was on $75k in previous role, so would like the same or more.

33767#, 22 year old female. Single with no pets. Looking for Permanent work in the Albany region (no more than 3 hours away). Agri-business management degree, manual C class license and ChemCert Accreditation. Grew up on her family farm, and has been helping out at seeding and harvest for 7 years, working full time last year operating the seeder and header. 7 years experience with cattle and sheep. Basic mechanical and welding skills. Ideally looking for either a GFH position on a mixed farm or a stockman position working with sheep at a team orientated farm with a positive work environment. $25+ including accommodation and work ute. Fantastic references mentioning her amazing work ethic, natural ability with livestock and great operating skills.

34248#, 34 year old Male with a wife and toddler. Experienced 2IC on a Mixed farm of Cattle, Sheep & Cropping. Has worked internationally in USA also. 8 seasons in Harvest & Seeding, 4 years in Spraying. Sheep 6-7 years and 15 years of cattle! Strong welding ability and basic mechanical aptitude. If you’ll consider Sponsorship, this candidate would not disappoint!

34923#, 26 year old with a partner and a toddler looking for a Livestock Manager role. Agricultural Mechanical trade. On the cropping side, he has 3 seasons seeding, 4 seasons harvest and 6 months spraying experience. Livestock - 6-8 months in total with cattle, and has worked with sheep all his life, being brought up on a sheep farm (has his own working dogs) - this is his passion. Complete responsibility of all livestock at his current position. No preferred location, but close to a town for his partner would be ideal. Currently on $84k, and happy to stay on that to get training on the budgeting side of things, which is the only thing in which he has not had training in. References mention his sheep skills and knowledge, along with his hard working attitude and trustworthiness as his strengths.

34698#, 52 year old male, married. Trade qualified HD Mechanic, and already has his Australian qualification ready to go. He started working as a Mechanical Fitter in 1994, and has been in the industry ever since, giving him 26 years of experience. Operates 260 tonne machinery, daily duties include, but not limited to component change-outs, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, electrical work, extensive maintenance repairs and a lot more. He is not a coded welder, but is excellent in both ARC and MIG welding. Extensive electrical knowledge and not to mention an MC truck license equivalent. Requires sponsorship This candidate is AMAZING!

34964#, 54 year old with partner. Grew up on a sheep stud farm and has farmed in a managing capacity all his life. Experience spans 30 years for cropping, including seeding, harvest and spraying, plus 30 years with cattle and has worked with sheep ever since he could walk. MC license, and happy to use it. Basic to intermediate mechanical and welding skills. Looking for a a mixed farm with cropping and sheep between Geraldton and Perth. Great references talking about his solid work ethic, punctuality and reliability who gets on with everyone. Looking for no less than $90k, plus accommodation and work ute.

16209#, 29 year old, single male. Grew up on a mixed farm in South Africa, farming cropping, cattle, sheep and goats. Is now an Australian Permanent Resident. Looking to move to WA from NSW. Solid experience of 10 years in seeding, harvest and spraying, including all cattle (plus 2 years Dairy) and sheep (all except shearing) husbandry. Excellent mechanical and welding skills, with references confirming he can fix almost anything. Cropping is his passion, but he would love to work on a mixed farm, as he enjoys working with livestock too. Looking no further than 4 hours from Perth at the most. Asking for $80k+, including accommodation and ute.

34863#, 36 year old male, single. MC license, HD Mechanic trade and strong welder. Looking for a GFH or SFH position, ideally on a mixed farm with cropping and cattle, but will be happy to work with sheep if shown, as he has only one month working with sheep. Has done two seasons of seeding and harvest, other machinery operation experience being telehandlers, skidsteers, forklifts, excavators and loaders just to name a few. Three years working with cattle, and competent in all cattle husbandry. Location is important - he would like to be within 50kms of a large town with a gym, somewhere to go out and dance, and sporting facilities - a long term prospect. $35p/hr plus house and work ute.

20932#, 55 year old male with a partner. Looking for a Livestock Manager position, but would be happy to consider cropping as well, in the Albany area. Grew up on a family farm of cropping and sheep, with 30 years experience in sheep husbandry, 20 years of seeding and harvest, some limited cattle experience and an HC truck license! Intermediate mechanical skills, and excellent welder/fabricator (as told to me by one of his references). Huge skill and years of experience! Asking for $80k - $90k.