22360#, 19, non smoker, manual car licence with own transport. Looking for a livestock role and happy to look at any location. Available mid June after seeding. Has grown up on a large cropping property in the Midwest. Comes from a a great family. Has completed two harvests as a chaser bin driver with 30T chaser bin chasing for three headers. This will be her second seeding season pulling a 60ft bar. Has also completed two seasons deep ripping. She is now looking for a full time role where she can learn more on the livestock side of farming. Happy to work with cattle and/or sheep. She does not have any experience in this area but is extremely eager to learn.

23636#, HE's BOOKED HIS TICKETS AND COMING OVER! 29 years old, non-smoker, wife and 2 young boys are looking to permanently relocate to Australia from South Africa.Farming background; born and breed on a maize and grain farm. EC14 Licence (biggest truck licence in SA). Can operate airseeder, header, sprayer (including mixing chemicals), chaser bin, front end loaders, bobcat and much more. GPS/Autosteer. Mechanically minded and can weld. Truck driving skills - side tippers, grain dumpers, Volvo, Freight liner, Nissan, MAN and all up to 18 speed. Livestock - 2 years with cattle from welfare to feedlot to sales. Fencing, yard/paddock work, irrigation, spreading and maintenance. Baling - 2 years baling experience, large square bales, raking and mowing. Requires sponsorship and we're happy to discuss this with you in further detail - he has a great skillset and excellent experience and knowledge. Will be heading to Australia for interviews in Mid April. If you are eligible to sponsor then he is worth meeting!

24753#, 45, non-smoker, MC truck licence. Currently based in Queensland and wants to relocate to WA with his wife. Looking for a 2IC/Overseers role on a cropping or mixed property. Has been an Overseer on a property that grew both dryland and irrigation crops, cattle and sheep. He is currently an Operations Manager for an earth moving company that also provides agricultural services including seeding and harvesting. He is in sole charge of the agricultural side as well as responsible for the maintenance of the earth moving equipment, trucks and farm machinery. Has many years’ experience managing staff. Has also designed, modified and fabricated implement. Although he does not have a mechanical qualification, he has many years’ experience in both mechanics and fabrication. Will be staying with his current employer ( of 10 years) until after seeding so will be available mid-July. Extremely nice guy that has a very impressive resume!

23909#, 57, non smoker, married. Looking for a Livestock Management position working with cattle or sheep. Happy to look at all locations but prefers to be in the Eastern states.Over 25 years experience in the beef cattle industry and a lifetime with horses. Held several livestock management roles in Angus cattle and fat lamb/wool production. Impressive resume. Currently managing a property in Victoria and will be available Mid May. HR truck licence.

24919#, 72, Non smoker, single. Retired ex farmer from Corrigin and ex sheep stud operator. Looking for a ca retaking role in return for odd jobs/maintenance. Prefer the South West region or Gt Southern. Very reliable and honest. Excellent mechanical abilities and knowledge. Brilliant at rebuilding and refurbishing old farm machinery. Has his own tools. Excellent references available.