35343#, 51 year old male, married with two children. Has an electrical trade which he uses in his current position. He has worked on jobs in the past requiring mechanical and welding/fabrication skills, both of which he has a strong aptitude Grew up in a farming family, with relatives in the area owning farms that he worked on during weekends and holidays. Looking for a Mechanical/ Handyman/ GFH role in the Robe area, SA. Fantastic reference which mentions his honesty, loyalty and work ethic as his strengths. Asking for $35p/hr.

31340#, 36 year old, married with 3 kids. HD Mechanic, strong at welding a and HR truck license. He grew up on a farm, and has 5 years of both cropping and livestock experience from his time there, but since then has worked full time as an HD mechanic. His desire now is to go back to his roots and onto a farm. Looking for a mixed or cropping farm anywhere from Albany to Esperance. Absolutely shining references stating his strengths as his communication, excellent knowledge, initiative and people skills..

13398#, 40 year old woman with two children. Vast livestock experience, particularly with sheep. 18 years sheep husbandry, and 4 working dogs. Grew up with cattle in the Midwest, and has worked with them intermittently throughout the years. Although her first love is livestock, she would be happy to help out with cropping during busy periods. Huge experience in Livestock management positions, and fantastic references talking about her excellent stock skills, organisation, animal welfare and initiative. Loves the wheatbelt, but is open to other locations in WA for the right job. $85k+, plus house and work ute. You won't find a better stock person than this!!

35214#, 52 year old male with a wife and fur baby. MC license and, although he does not have a trade, his HD mechanical skills are as strong as someone with a trade. According to one of his references where he was the workshop manager, "he is in the top 10 mechanically of all the people I have employed". He also has basic welding skills. Three solid years cropping experience with 3 seasons of both seeding and harvest. Whilst he has limited spraying experience, he fills the trucks and get them ready for spraying. Huge machinery operation experience. Has worked with sheep here and there over the years doing mustering and yard work and limited cattle experience. Flexible with location in WA, looking for $85k+ as a base salary. Absolutely shining references talking about his amazing work ethic and mechanical skills.

35282#, 30 year old with a partner. Recently here from South Africa (not requiring sponsorship) - MC equivalent license. Worked as an apprentice mechanic for two years, is a qualified electrician and a strong welder/fabricator. Great machinery operation experience such as tractors, front end loaders, skidsteers and forklifts to name a few, along with GSP/Autosteer. 4 years seeding, one year harvest and 1 year in total spraying (here and there). Strong livestock skills of 7 years with both sheep and cattle, and competent in all husbandry except AI. Looking for a general farm hand job situated in the Orange, NSW district, and a salary of $65k+.

31535#, 27 year old, single. HR License and would love to work her way up to MC. Originally from WA, and, having resided in VIC for the past 7 years, she is now back home to settle. Having grown up around farming with family owning a farm in WA, she helped out during visits which gave her some farming exposure with livestock. Sound machinery experience on forklifts, excavators and bobcats, holds certificates in conservation and land management and years of experience in the land management areas doing weed control, fencing, land clearing and more. Looking for an opportunity to grow her skills in both cropping and livestock with her dog and her horse (although can look for stables in the vicinity if required). Location within the central wheatbelt, and seeking minimum $23p/hr plus super, accommodation and work vehicle. Referee (from current employment doing land management) verifies she is the best worker they have ever had. An excellent operator, looks after machinery exceptionally well and feels she would be a great fit in a farming role. An easy going personality and great to have around.

35053#, 40 year old male, married with 3 children. Diploma in agriculture gained in 2001. Mixed livestock experience (of 20 years) and cropping experience (or 11 years), Has worked with many breeds of cattle (Bonsmara, Drakensberg, Simmentaler, Angus, Brangus, Wagu and Brahman), and sheep (Merino and Dorper). He has extensive cropping experience on Arable properties (corn, wheat, soya beans, beans and sunflowers). Broad operating experience on agricultural machinery on headers, seeders, ploughs, skidsteers and forklifts on a variety of brands including John Deere, Case, CLAAS and Krone. Proficient in spraying, with 5 years under his belt. Mechanically minded and very capable of servicing and maintenance, as well as welding skills (arc, brazing, co2 and cutting torch) Would ideally like to work on either a livestock or mixed farms but would be happy to consider cropping alone. Solid experience, great reference! South African candidate looking for sponsorship in the QLD/NSW regions.

35067#, 50 year old married male. He has worked in the livestock industry for 40 years, and has extensive animal husbandry knowledge, particularly with cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. This includes strong knowledge of disease recognition and treatments. His most recent 3 years has been in paddock management and backgrounding work, previously working as Head Stockman for 18 years, and stockman before that. Very confident working with cattle, but is more than happy to also learn in new areas to grow his skills. Looking to be no more than 2 hours from Pemberton, Asking for no less than $30p/hr plus accommodate, utilities and a work vehicle. References talk of his great personality, instinct, work ethic and strength.

35439#, 24 year old single male. HR truck license with 4 years station work experience (working with cattle). Broad skillset including strong stockmanship, fencing, maintenance of windmills and bores, mechanical and fabrication work and operating a wide array of machinery including tractors, graders, loaders, telehandlers and skidsteers. Specifically looking for a cattle focused position in the South West (close to Margaret River) with a salary expectation of no less than $29p/hr plus accommodation. References mention his stamina, love of the job with a great work ethic, and being methodical in his thinking when necessary.