35067#, 50 year old married male. He has worked in the livestock industry for 40 years, and has extensive animal husbandry knowledge, particularly with cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. This includes strong knowledge of disease recognition and treatments. His most recent 3 years has been in paddock management and backgrounding work, previously working as Head Stockman for 18 years, and stockman before that. Very confident working with cattle, but is more than happy to also learn in new areas to grow his skills. Looking to be no more than 2 hours from Pemberton, Currently on $95k, plus accommodation, utilities and a work vehicle. Willing to negotiate for the right role. References talk of his great personality, instinct, work ethic and strength.

36163#, 44 year old male, married with a 4 kids (two have left home), the other two being ages 11 and 13. Has all cattle husbandry, having worked with them his entire life, and 10 years of sheep husbandry (everything except shearing). Good machinery knowledge with tractors, bulldozers, bobcats, front end loaders and trucks, plus above average mechanical aptitude and welding skills. He grew up on a cattle station where they had 60,000 head, and has worked on farms and stations all his life. He loves working with livestock, and would like a position to settle into long-term. Has been around cropping for much of his life, and can drive most machinery, but would love to learn a lot more about it. Originally from QLD, and wanting to move to WA. They have thought long and hard about this, and are planning to be here for a minimum of 5 years, and potentially for good. Looking for a livestock manager position, and would ideally like to work with both cattle and sheep, as he loves the variety of both. Looking for $85k+, utilities, accommodation and a work ute. Amazing references that rave about his livestock knowledge and brilliant work ethic!

36320#, 35 year old male, single. Needs SPONSORSHIP. Grew up on a farm in South Africa and attended Agricultural college in 2007. He started working full time in 2008 and has gained vast knowledge in broadacre farming and livestock. In 2020 he worked in the USA on a rice and cotton farm for a year to further his skills. His duties included seedbed preparation, planting, spraying of crops, irrigation, harvesting and maintenance of all equipment. This year he decided to study further, and has just completed his certificate in Crop life (AVCASA) in Crop chemical operation and distribution. Thirteen years experience in seeding and harvest, and 6 years spraying. Vast machinery experience, MC truck license equivalent, basic mechanical and basic welding. All cattle husbandry, and has worked with them over thirteen years, plus 4 years experience with sheep in vaccinating, feeding and organising shearing teams. Flexible to go anywhere in Australia, but particularly WA or SA. Looking for $75k+, plus super, accommodation. amenities and work ute.