37680#, 35, UK male, looking for work from Early July - October. Has experience operating Header at Harvest time (NH with 40ft front), a couple of seasons operating an olive harvester, almond harvester + Loaders, Telehandlers, machinery maintenance and operated CASE, NH and Fendt Tractors. Has some sheep exp - backlining, mustering, vaccinating, as well as fencing repairs, hand spraying and chemical mixing. Is looking for a Casual General Farm Hand / Machine Operating role - happy to carry out post seeding work and be trained on a boom spray. Comes from an engineering background. Will be looking for accommodation, 3-4 months work and happy to learn new tasks, will consider any location in Australia.

39160#, 25, French Male, looking for Cattle Station or Cotton Farm work. Comes from cattle/cropping family, plus 2 yrs exp working on neighboring properties - carrying out seeding, spraying, tillage and cattle work. Operated a Header for Harvest 2022, and currently operating Air Seeder. Comes with excellent references. Currently in WA, but is looking in Northern WA/QLD for opportunities to work on a cattle station or cotton farm. Looking for accommodation, opportunities to learn new skills and available from Late May/Early June once he has finished up at current farm.

39315#, 28&31, couple, looking for post-seeding/harvest roles. Have just finished seeding on a 10,000ha property in the Wheatbelt. Extensive farm, vinyard, orchard labouring experience, with a season spent on a cropping/stock farm in Canada. He has operated the seeder with 12m seed bar, did spreading, and gravel work with a loader, JD tractors, ATV, Excavator experience, She carried out speed-tilling, rock picking, and has done the hard yards of manual paddock clearing (picking up rocks and sticks by hand), ATV driving, using horses to clear trees. This couple are not on Working Holiday Visas, so have potential to stay on permanently for the right farm. They are flexible with WA location (no issues being based remote), need couples accommodation, and $30-$35 per hour.

37691#, 27, UK male, looking for Sprayer operating work, any location north of the Great Eastern Highway. Comes from family farming background, has carried out a year in Australian broadacre and hay cropping work across WA, QLD, VIC & NSW. Has extensive spraying, header, seeders and spreader experience, operating Claas, JD, Miller, JCB, Agrifac machinery. Currently in QLD, will arrive to WA Late June/Early July to do spreading and spraying work. Own transport, excellent mechanical skills, great references, looking for accommodation, $42+ p/h.