37465#, 23, Aussie lady, non-smoker, vaccinated, looking for Cook/Domestic role. Experienced pastry chef, experienced with catering for groups of 6-8 people. She is happy to complete any duties to fill the gaps where needed - cleaning, farm work, childcare, etc. Looking for $30+ph, accommodation, within either a days drive of Brisbane QLD or Glen Innes NSW. Available now.

37463#, 19, Aussie male, NS, vaccinated, Looking for Tractor operating role. Available with 2 weeks notice, has own transport and able to travel within NSW, up to QLD or VIC borders. He has done some general farm hand work with a poultry farmer, is looking to take the next step to realise his agriculture dreams. He has completed 3 yrs of a Plumbing apprenticeship, can weld and has operated smaller kubota and mini-excavator. This is the ideal candidate who loves farming but is green enough not to have any bad habits. Is mechanically minded. He is looking for a large family farm or small corporate farm where he has a team, has the opportunity to learn, and get cropping experience. Would be great as your fert spreader, rock picker, leading in to harvest for a chaser bin role.