26093#, 58, South Australian couple. Smoker. Looking for header and chaser bin work starting mid October WANT TO STAY IN GEARLDTON AREA. Have own caravan. Have worked through us last couple of seasons as header and chaser operators. Great feedback from farmers. Have both operated CLASS, CASE and John Deere machinery and have GPS experience. Also have experience on excavators loaders and on farm truck driving.

33896#, 66 year old. Non Smoker. Seeking Harvest season work. HC license. Seeking work close to Wongan Hills ONLY. Chaser bin or Truck driving. Has Nurse Tanking experience and mixing chemicals. Also done a season with CBH.

31804#, 33, Non smoker. Available asap. Currently in QLD and looking at coming back to WA. Preference is to be within 2 hours of the PEEL region. Willing to self isolate on farm. Has worked through us several times before. Has worked through us all last season ( seeding and harvest) and received AMAZING feedback. An excellent operator. Operated headers, sprayers and seeders. Has worked on several large cropping properties throughout Australia. Looking for minimum $35/hr.

34951#, 42, non smoker. HR licence. In WA and available early October. No car. Looking for a machinery operating position. Recently placed with our client but is no longer required due to them taking on a full time person. Received great feedback from our client. Has chaser bin experience but would love to gain some experience on a header. Carried out seeding 2021 on a large cropping property in WA operating 60FT seeder. 20 years experience in horticulture and agriculture. Has some spraying experience with air blasters as well as a ChemCert. References state that he is a good operator and is reliable, stable and consistent. Really great chap.

34775#, 24, non smoker. Available early October until mid/late December. Looking for chaser bin work (not header) and prefer Esperance or the South Coast of WA. Prefer to work with a larger team. AMAZING CANDIDATE that has been working for our client this seeding. Received excellent feedback. Also worked on other large cropping properties in the Eastern States. Operated 7 and 8 series John Deere with different implements ( disking, power harrowing and spreading). On 3rd year working visa and has excellent English. Fully versed in Greenstar. Excellent references and great chap to talk to. Not one to be missed.

36067#, 58, non smoker, HC licence. Based in Perth and available now until Mid October ONLY as he is going to operate a header for our client. Looking for hay work. Will consider roles within 500KM of Perth. Farming background from the 80 and 90's and then moved into surveying. Carried out 5 harvests and 4 seedings in WA. Operated a range of broad acre and earth moving equipment. No GPS experience but uses high tech surveying equipment on a daily basis. Recently has been farm sitting and used a John Deere for feeding our cattle. Lovely chap to talk to and would suit a farmer.

21787#, 38, non smoker, based in Perth. Own car and auto car licence. Looking for chaser bin role within 2.5 hour of Perth. Happy to take the odd Sunday off. Completed two seedings and a harvest (chaser) on a 5000HA property with the same farmer in the central wheatbelt. Operated CAT Challenger with Greenstar GPS. Chaser bin would be fine. One season chaser bin and 2 seeding seasons with same farmer.

36102#, 66, smoker, HR. Based in Perth. Retired and looking to assist a farmer needing help. Prefer close to Perth. 45 years in the aviation industry as a Technical Officer. No recent farming experience but helped out on a relatives farm in his 20's at harvest. Also operated various large lawn mowers. Mechanical aptitude. Happy to visit a farm as a trial.

24675#, 24, non smokers. In WA and looking for harvest positions in the Dongara/Geraldton area starting Mid October. Own car. Looking for either header or a chaser bin role. Partner has work in the area so will need accommodation suitable for a couple. She has worked through us before at seeding, operated a CASE with 50FT seeder bar. Received great feedback. Also operated a tomato harvester- Excellent references that state she is a quick learner, honest and trustworthy with a positive personality.

36208#, 20, non smoker, Own car. Available beginning of November and looking for harvest work. Prefer to be around the Williams area. Just finished from 18 months on a large cattle property as a General Farm Hand. Will be returning to help them with the hay and silage season and last year did seeding and silage and Hay. Has minimal experience with GPS. Loves cattle work – would be looking for a mixed farm scenario longer term. Very good references

34262#, 30, non-smoker from Argentina. Travelling with a friend; preference to work together on the same farm. Available early October. One has worked through Rural Enterprises previously for seeding (air seeder) and harvest (chaser) and received great feedback. His friend has operated John Deere tractors on a cattle farm and smaller machines. Great reference from previous employer that stated he was good on machinery and would recommend him.

33527#, 26, Estonian, social smoker. In WA and own car. Available for harvest, working currently on a casual basis. Construction background, operated loaders and rollers. Operated telehandlers in a hay plant. Looking for any type of farm work and prefer to be within 3 hours of Perth. Excellent references that state he would be more than capable for harvest work.

36270#, 64, non smoker, non drinker. HC truck licence. In Victoria. His G2G pass has been approved and will be flying to Perth on the 5th October. He will be self isolating in Perth and so looking to start work late mid/late October. Happy to drive trucks or tractors. Has a background in car mechanics and auto electrical experience. Used to run his own interstate trucking business carting general freight interstate.

36269#, 36269#, 58, non smoker, MC licence. Ex dairy farmer currently driving B doubles in the South West. Will be taking leave from current position and Interested in some seasonal work from the end of October until the end of November ONLY. Happy to drive trucks (auto only) or chaser bin. Fantastic reference from current employer that state he is a hard worker, great personality and reliable. Used to run his own dairy farm so knows what its all about.

36297#, 30, non smoker, based in the South west. Both have residency and looking at doing a harvest together. Own car. One has over five years experience in the dairy industry locally in Australia and experience driving a smaller tractors (Kubota CASE), bobcat and a loaders for feeding silage and carrying loads. The other has experience working at a vegetable farm in NSW, fruit-picking, wineries and working with pigs in Tasmania. He has experience driving tractors at these farms for various purposes including earthwork and moving loads. Also has experience cooking for large groups of people.

36344#, 21, non smoker, based in WA. Own car, Available early November for harvest. Prefer to be around the Goomalling wheatbelt area . Currently on a large cattle station in the Pilbara as a Stationhand. No large machinery experience but has been driving trucks and bobcats on a daily basis. Will be returning to a station after harvest. Great girl to talk to and super enthusiastic. Has experience fencing, and mechanical work. Can change a tyre.

36261#, 63, non smoker, based in Perth, Own car. Available anytime. Non farming background. Whole career in aviation. Happy to look at any location and even happy to come for a trial. Lovely chap to talk to. Maybe get him early and train him up.

36391#, 67/66, non-smoker, HR, couple. Ex WA farmer and now travelling around WA in their own caravan. Looking for header and chaser bin roles. Happy to provide own accommodation and food. Looking for minimum $35/hr each as they have their own caravan and happy to supply own food. In 2020 both completed a harvest on a 8000HA property operating a John Deere 8 series on chaser bin and ground crew. Not returning this year as the property has been sold. Both have farming backgrounds. He has run his own wheat and sheep farm in WA and ran a contracting business. Experienced all aspects of broad acre farming including seeding, spraying and harvesting. Partner has operated smaller tractors and preference is to do chaser and will consider a ground crew type role. Very fit and healthy and keen to make this a regular gig.

36390#, 60, non-smoker, car licence, own car. Perth based business owner. Available as early as the beginning of October. Looking for a chaser bin position as close to Perth as possible, ideally within 2 hours. Is really looking for a farmer that needs someone just for 5-6 days per week. Not chasing the hours- happy with up to 10 hours per day. Completed a harvest in 2018 operating a CASE Magnum for a farmer in WA. Really enjoyed the experience and is now able to do it again.

33326#, 28, Spanish, non smoker, fit. In QLD and looking for harvest work in QLD or NSW. Very good English, own car. Completed 3 months seeding season with a CAT Challenger and 60FT bar. Also carried out lime spreading with a CASE Magnum. Operated CASE tractors on a banana plantation. Looking towards working in the harvest season as a chaser bin driver. Background in logistics and a pretty switched on lad.

36402#, 33, non-smoker. Argentinean. In NSW and plans to relocate to WA permanently. Willing to pay for hotel quarantine and has been fully vaccinated. Excellent English and super positive to talk to. Keen to to chaser bin work in any location. Completed a harvest in NSW in 2020 where he operated a John Deere 8 series on a large cropping property. Really nice lad that is willing to do anything to get over to WA.