35028#, 58, non smoker, MC unrestricted licence. Semi retired looking for casual work during seeding and happy to come back for harvest. Available from Mid April . Can start earlier potentially. Looking for any type of farm work. Non farming background with very little experience but is a fast learner. Has be driving HR trucks for the past 14 months on a casual basis since retiring. Has basic welding and mechanical knowledge. The money is not important, he wants to work for a nice farmer and prefer to be within 3 hours of Perth either North or East.

30702#, 30, Belgium, non smoker. Looking for Part time tractor work CLOSE to Perth (Mon- Wed) and starting now. Completed seeding with our client and went very well, Carried out chaser bin on a large cropping property operating a JD 8370 with 30T chaser. Has now had plenty of farming experience and keeps getting better and better. Fantastic references that state she is a very smart girl with a really good work ethic.

33714#, 26, Argentinean, non smokers. Three chaps that have worked through us before last harvest operating header and chasers. Great feed back from our clients. Looking for seeding work together and happy to look at any location. All have farming backgrounds.

32603#, 27 and 24, French and Italian.  Currently in in WA. Available early March. Looking for machinery operating roles close to the South coast. Just finished with our client where they were for harvest for 3.5 months as Chaser bin operators (36T) on a large 15000Ha cropping property. Our client would happily put them on his seeder. Previous to working for our client they worked on a poultry farm, lots of picking and packing work. References say they are stand-outs and worth the effort to train!  Reference comments include; ‘both give 100%’, ‘both equally fastidious and conscientious’, ‘learned quickly’, ‘kept up with my permanents’, ‘they are a well-oiled machine working together’, ‘top 10% of all backpackers I’ve had’.  Both are social smokers – but references verify it ‘doesn’t interfere with their work and very respectful of the rules ’.

33807#, 64, non smoker, MC truck licence. Currently travelling to SA with partner and looking to find work together. Have own car and looking for short term work from early February for approximately a month, flexible on location within SA. Has a background in truck driving and owned their own haulage company and has operated earth moving equipment. Also carried out many sugar cane seasons operating haul out trucks, tractors and some baling. Partner is a qualified teacher and has an admin background, happy to work outdoors and/or do domestic work. Great couple!

34071#, 36, non-smoker. MC. Based in South West WA. Has been working as an MC truck driver for harvest with a client of ours near Wellstead and will be available end of January/early February. Prefer minimum of $35/hr and happy to look at any locations as long as not too hot so prefer South. Prior to harvest role was self employed, mainly working as an arborist and most of his trucking experience has been on HR.

34312#, 61, Non smoker. Based in Perth. Looking for seasonal work and happy to look at any location. Available now if required. Non farming background but would love to assist where he can. Fit and healthy but prefers an operating role rather than manual. Has operated a 100HP New Holland mowing airfields. Would suit a farmer willing to train.

35073#, 43, non smoker. Looking for seeding role close to either Albany or Esperance. Travelling with family and has own caravan. Available now and happy to stay ion after harvest. Has many years farming experience, grew up on a diary farm and has also several years experience with hay and silage. Worked on a small cropping property and was in charge of all the day to day running including seeding, spraying. Also has excavator and earthmoving experience. Looking for a farmer that either close to a town so he could drive in/out or happy to have family stay on farm in their caravan. Partner potentially happy to assist on the farm as and when required.

31804#, 32, Non smoker. Available late April until the end of the season. Looking for spraying or seeding role preferably North of Perth. Travelling with partner that is happy to do some domestic/child minding or find work in the area. Has worked through us all last season ( seeding and harvest) and received AMAZING feedback. An excellent operator. Operated headers, sprayers and seeders. Has worked on several large cropping properties throughout Australia. Have their own caravan. Looking for minimum $35/hr.

32122#, 28, non smoker. In Perth and available now. Own car. Has a seeding role lined up starting early April so looking for 3-4 weeks work until then. Happy to do machinery operating. Has worked for us last seeding and received great feedback. Has 2 seasons seeding experience. Also operated Spaders. Prefer to be within 3 hours of Perth and with a family owned property. Prefer dayshift. If you are needing someone to assist with deep ripping, fertilizing before seeding then get in touch.

35085#, 22, non smoker. In Perth and available now. Looking for seeding work. Own car. She has no broad acre experience but has operated tractors up to 120HP with slashers and mulchers. Has also some sheep experience. Hard worker, used to physical work. Very good references. Excellent English.